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Our Ofsted Inspections

In 2020 Vicky's Clubs became a limited company and we had to reregister with Ofsted. In January 2023 5 of our clubs had Ofsted inspections and the reports are published below.

Inspection Comments

"The provider, who is also the manager, leads and supports her staff team successfully to offer a welcoming, stimulating and safe play environment that meets children's individual needs well"

"The provider and staff develop positive relationships with parents and other settings that children attend to encourage good continuity in their care and play experiences"

"The provider is keen and dedicated to ensuring the club delivers a high-quality service to parents and children. Her systems she has in place for self-evaluation work well and she is able to identify areas to focus on to promote continuous improvement. The provider takes on the views of staff, parents and children and makes appropriate changes"

"Partnerships with parents and other professionals are a key strength of the club. Staff seek and respond well to parents' views to identify and meet children's individual needs. Staff exchange information with teachers, which helps them to support children's learning at school, including children with special educational needs and/or disabilities"

"Staff support children successfully and engage them in good-quality discussions. Children behave well, and show respect and kindness to others"

"The registered provider, who is also the manager, offers strong leadership. She provides good opportunities for her well-qualified staff to develop their professional skills to improve further practice"

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